4 Movies That Got World War II Right

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4 Movies That Got World War II Right

Post by koimaster » November 10th 2020, 12:04am

With the 75th anniversary of end of World War II approaching — May 8 marks V-E Day, the end of the war in Europe, and Aug. 15 marks V-J Day, for the Japanese surrender — a cycle of remembering that era-shaping conflict will also come to an end.

But the war’s presence in everyday life won’t disappear when the anniversary passes, thanks in part to its large impact not only on world events, but also on popular culture — including cinema. World War II was depicted on screen while it was still being fought, and continues to inspire Hollywood to this day. But not every movie does an equally good job of capturing what that period was really like.

https://time.com/5826591/accurate-world ... aKyBeNS_-k


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