Bum Ass

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Bum Ass

Post by conjurer » September 7th 2020, 11:03pm

A quick non-watch review for Watchlords: Mrs. C, when unable to source Ralph Lauren dress socks that I normally wear to work, orders some Bombas socks from, I suppose, Amazon or some fucking place. Now, you might have seen this company advertising on TV, where they give away a pair of socks for every one ordered to the homeless.

Anyway, I got four pairs, meaning that four disheveled, shambling derelicts also got new socks, to wear for at least a day or two, until their revolting, unwashed, Hep-C shedding feet reduced the socks to fucking shit that wouldn't be allowed into a federal Superfund site as landfill. This is indeed fine news. Perhaps at least one of these wino fucks homeless people will put on their new Bum Ass socks and think, "wow, these are nice socks! Maybe today I won't smoke as much meth!", or, "dang, I like these socks! These make me want to inject not so much heroin into my fucking veins!"

However, these are really good socks. I like them. And perhaps they'll help get some of these stewbums into rehab and stay the fuck away from my fucking car.

I find tv watches to be like the guys who raise their truck you need a fricken ladder to get in. It’s a attempt to look cool... that’s all.

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