It's A Joe Besser Revival!

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It's A Joe Besser Revival!

Post by TemerityB » July 31st 2020, 1:20pm


Well, sort of. This is a notice to all late period Stooges fans - all one of you:

Recently, The Roku Channel - a free, multi-channel channel provided to Roku streamer owners - has all four seasons of "The Joey Bishop Show" from the 1960s, where, for some reason, Joe Besser, as a janitor named Jillison, is given a prominent role. It was really Besser's last hurrah as the sort of star he was.

Besser, in all the time I've watched him, has never played a charater different than he was here - he's essentially an older version of Stinky The Brat, Joe the Stooge, and well, everything else he was ever in. At least once in all four seasons, he's a focal point of an espisode. In the others, he, as a janitor, can't do dick.

So, for those who can't get enough of the worst Stooge, here, he's the worst janitor. Oh, and the show is no classic; anybody who'd believe that a schmoe like Bishop could score restaurant quality model-like Abby Dalton probably thought War Of The Worlds was real and ran out into the streets in terror.
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