Invicta watches

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Invicta watches

Post by koimaster » March 25th 2010, 8:35pm

A caveat here........ Some information MAY be incorrect. I cannot verify every word but based on what I have read and others have pointed it over the years I concurr with almost all that is posted. Items in red I do not agree with as proof has never been produced to prove the claim.

Invicta Watch Group was founded in Florida, USA, in 1991. They design and market watches under a variety of brands including Invicta, S. Coifman, Potger-Pietri, Activa, Brizo, Cacciato & Joss, Pastorelli and Technica. For the American market, Invicta watches are promoted primarily by the TV shopping channel ShopNBC. The brand has a very strong enthusiast following.


The Invicta brand originated with the Invicta Watch Company founded by Raphael Picard in 1837 in Switzerland, although the Invicta brand only dates back to 1886. In the post-WWII era, up until the mid 1970s, Invicta was a well-known and well-respected brand. As with many Swiss manufacturers, Invicta failed to adequately meet the challenge of quartz watches in the 1970s and the company's fortunes declined.

The brand was bought up in 1991, when it was primarily focussed on the South American market. At the time, there was still a strong market there for non-battery-powered watches, so many of the first 'new Invicta' watches were automatics. When Invicta watches were introduced into the US, the combination of old Swiss name, mechanical movement and low cost proved a magnet to the entry-level of the growing enthusiast-collector market. Through active engagement with on-line forums, and the use of TV marketing, Invicta have been able to tailor their distinctive (primarily mechanical) watches to meet the changing desires of enthusiasts without alienating the mass market. In fact there are many who claim to have become enthusiastic watch collectors due to purchasing an Invicta.

The current owner of the Invicta name, Eyal Lalo, is NOT a descendant of founder Raphael Picard despite several claims he has made. Eyal Lalo has claimed to be a third generation watch maker and a 4th generation one in the same interview. No where does he claim to be related to the founding family. There seems to be in IMHO a disturbing trend towards revising the brand history. He may be an self -professed descendant but no proof exists that has been presented.

Invicta and the 'Far East'


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Re: Invicta watches

Post by Watch Noob » March 26th 2010, 2:29pm

I don't mean to jump on the forever fun dog pile of the Laylo, but it's just so easy. This guy has said so much that can't be verified over his career it's pathetic. The whole Russian Diver Granny story has no proof or substance, now he can't even prove his heritage in watch making. Sad really. :(
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Re: Invicta watches

Post by Ditchdoc » March 26th 2010, 2:59pm

He may not really exist at all. Every now and then I can see Jim's mouth moving when Eyal talks. Guess where that puts MD's hand.....I'm just saying.
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Re: Invicta watches

Post by foghorn » March 26th 2010, 3:11pm

Third generation watchmaker my ass!
No self respecting "watchmaker" would peddle that crap on TV with a straight face.
I am sure that most forum members know more about watchmaking than that smarmy phony.
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