Default Swiss Origins of Current Invicta watches

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Default Swiss Origins of Current Invicta watches

Post by koimaster » April 4th 2021, 9:56am

The original thread at is gone but I will try to find it using wayback

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Default Swiss Origins of Current Invicta watches...
The following is a "copy/paste" job from a thread I started on another forum regarding Invicta and the supposed Swiss origins of their current time pieces.
The "Cliff Notes" version of the thread are as follows:
1. I respectfully ask the question: Where in Switzerland is Invicta manufactured?
2. I get no definitive response at first, then I get some questioning of my reasons and I state them in a respectful manner.
3. I get an answer in the form of a previous thread from another member.
4. I research the answer and came up with the conclusions you will see below.
5. Everyone was respectful and cordial throughout the thread. I did sense some push-back. But, I can understand it since my question may interfere with the best interest of others, or the efforts of others. Or, may be seen as "throlling". So, that's OK. No offense taken.
6. See the "thread" below:


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