No One Will Ever Take Invicta Watches Seriously,

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Re: No One Will Ever Take Invicta Watches Seriously,

Post by TemerityB » October 6th 2020, 10:38am

The homages have never bothered me half as much at the Chinese made 63mm crap with cables and plastic bezels and rubber straps that fall apart six weeks after you buy them. That, and it's a company that had never willingly fixed or repaired what it has sold. Everybody seems to either forget or is willfully ignorant about that part, especially Mr. Neckbeard here.

Or pacerguy. But look at it this way, too: Invicta makes a host of "dynamic" oversized sports watches, and shows them on TV worn by young, attractive, athletic models - yet, the only people that are interested in them them are retirees who are slowly going soft, or already soft simpletons who buy them because it says Aquaman on it somewhere, or shut ins who contact their relatives bragging "I was on TV!" after the people at ShopHQ let them make a phone call to claim they own 254 Invictas.
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Re: No One Will Ever Take Invicta Watches Seriously,

Post by nimbleboy » October 6th 2020, 3:10pm

ha! Yeah, I know this guy probably isn't popular here, and I get it. But I rather like him for the most part. He champions value, and yeah, he's started a watch shop, which is probably a red flag... but he seems like a decent person, and I like his personality. And he pronounces "homage" the way I like to hear it pronounced, dammit.

addendum: "For everyone watching, please get your spellchecks out so that we can decipher the comments from the Invicta fanboys... they will be there! Umm... can't wait! See you there!"
Low-hanging fruit perhaps, but still funny.
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Re: No One Will Ever Take Invicta Watches Seriously,

Post by biglove » October 6th 2020, 3:48pm

I enjoyed the video. And of course the fanbois turned out in droves in the comments, as easily predicted.

Trying to explain what a shit company Invicta is, to those who are emotionally and financially invested in their wartches, is like trying to tell Jim Jones' followers that having that glass of Kool-Aid isn't such a wise idea.
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