Don't Swim with a Pro Diver until you see this!

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Re: Don't Swim with a Pro Diver until you see this!

Post by Nuvolari » March 9th 2020, 6:30pm

Feels like an apologists perspective - and I actually own and enjoy this watch.

Invicta? I hear they make some watches, that they specialize in ostentatiously hideous design and ridiculous marketing and marketeers; It is also my understanding that their quality is piss-poor... but at some point, if it’s cheap enough, I might roll the dice and check it out.

It was a long ass video, IMHO, but my only real complaint is the review assumes many things: water/moisture intrusion should not be an issue on any watch that presents a “diver” image, weather certified or not. I mean, for shitssake I have an old Seiko 5 that does NOT have a threaded crown - and it still came with a 10ATM rating that I would actually trust.

To pass the leaks onto a mostly-closed threaded crown and the end-user feels a little fan-boi-y, or fanboy? FannyBoy? Whatever. At any price point, that justification just sounds silly.

Particularly after you just opened the caseback and demonstrated how there was no grease applied...? Is THAT what the problem-owners needed to have done before taking them for a splash? ‘Cause, I didn’t do that for that Seiko 5 I mentioned...

Well... I’m sure there’s oil applied properly to the movement. You know, because Seiko did it.

So, sure, this is a decently reliable knock-around watch... it’s cool.

I do not, however, understand the placating and pandering to defend an established half-asser. Is it supposed to be a secret that that suck?

And maybe that’s the point. I was genuinely surprised and pleased that my impulse buy worked out well... I was willing to throw it in the garbage - but I didn’t have to! That’s swell - but not a great slogan.

ShopNBC/Evine/Your Name Here would be well-served to simply market honestly:

“I know what you think about Invicta - BUT WAIT - before you change the channel I’m gonna level with you: THIS ONE IS NOT TOO BAD... We’ve had some wrist shitcans here before, I know, I know. And I’m sorry. But, seriously - this one is pretty ‘okay’... you know, once you do a little finishing. But it’s just grease, it’s easy. And look how cheapity cheapy cheap cheap it is? You know you can afford it, why not take a little break from all that tacky shit and help me move some of these mediocre “time pieces...?”
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Re: Don't Swim with a Pro Diver until you see this!

Post by TemerityB » March 9th 2020, 6:58pm

From the video: "I think it's a great watch."

Great. Great?!? The dictionary defines "great," second definition, as: "Of ability, quality, or eminence considerably above the normal or average."

The fucking 8926 is great!?! What's that make a Sturhling Original Concorso, "exceptional"? When's he gonna review the "sublime" Swiss Legend Expedition or "top tier" Croton Chrohomaster?

Any fuckin' jackass with a cell phone.
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Re: Don't Swim with a Pro Diver until you see this!

Post by conjurer » March 9th 2020, 10:15pm

Since this forum was started, and indeed, long before, what have we learned?

That Invicter can't be believed about anything.

Period. Full stop.

In just about anything having to do with horology, Eyal and his stooges have lied, and been caught out on their lies, for over a decade.

Invicter is shit. We have proven it over and over and over. People who have been at this for far longer than I have proven it in This Thing of Ours.

Invicter is shit.
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