Get That Fucking Bulldog Off My Lawn

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Get That Fucking Bulldog Off My Lawn

Post by TemerityB » July 30th 2019, 7:25pm

Leave it to Eddie Phluff to uncover something I had no idea about:

Invicta’s Lalo seemingly bought his new fancy schmancy title by making a $6 million stock purchase, according to The Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The Forbes article, written by Pamela M. Danziger at, reports on the name change and corporate plans with learned, business-like caution – hell, the home shopping network hasn’t had robust financial reports for as far back as anyone can remember – but it also revealed something I had no clue about: Company CEO Tim Peterman is apparently going to launch a new home shopping channel in November: The Bulldog Shopping Network, reportedly a male-themed shopping channel. Danziger writes that the idea smacks of something that Lalo would have come up with, he of the 65mm dive watches and designs with names like Venom, Bolt, and S1 Racer. Also in the works is a new, Latino-based home shopping channel, also to be run by iMedia Brands Inc. ... droppings/
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Re: Get That Fucking Bulldog Off My Lawn

Post by conjurer » July 30th 2019, 8:17pm

It's somewhat weird to think about Eddie Phluff reading Forbes.

The male-oriented home shopping idea was first tried (that I know of) by ShopAtHome, which also served as Tim Temple's dickness incubator before his triumphant return to ShopNBC. Running a few hours a night very far up on the Comcast numbering system, SAH featured knife shows, and plenty o' wartchs, hosted by Temple himself, and also the Watch Commander. Apparently, SAH lost plenty o' money, too, and got taken over by Jewelry TV, the last bastion of the southern Beehive hairdos to be seen on non-HDTV.
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Re: Get That Fucking Bulldog Off My Lawn

Post by Nuvolari » July 30th 2019, 10:13pm

"...The Bulldog Shopping Network, reportedly a male-themed shopping channel."

I don't see how in hell's name this could possibly become a profitable endeavor. Who watches TV to preview a product or service? Exclusively knuckleheads... which, I guess is the demographic they target.

Interesting press release:

excerpted from Frobes:

"In addition to the corporate name change, the company also announced that after four years of trying to gain traction under its broadcast name of Evine, it is going back to a name it previously abandoned, ShopHQ, which was used from 2013 through 2014."

"And this is hardly its first name change, only the latest. It previously went by ShopNBC and ValueVision too. Confused? I surely am, as I am sure customers will be too."

"If this name change, after three others, doesn’t confuse and confound its current shoppers, it surely will disappoint any new shoppers who happen to find it. “Shop Headquarters?” It is nothing like that. Amazon is shopper’s real “headquarters"."

"Now ShopHQ has even less to offer, unless you count all the Invicta watches it features in prime time. A $6 million stock purchase by Invicta Watch Group and another $11 million working capital resulting from the May 2019 investment transaction assures it gets prime slots. Also getting more airtime will be jewelry, beauty and wellness offerings, while the weak-performing home and fashion categories will get less in the future."

"On deck for a November launch is a men’s shopping channel called Bulldog Shopping Network. No doubt, this is driven by Invicta’s Eyal Lalo, whose company is heavy on macho-styled watches, and a desire to tap some of the new male shopping energy that Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s have found."
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