Deep Blue: Depthmaster 3000 - Impressions [UPDATED]

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Re: Deep Blue: Depthmaster 3000 - Impressions [UPDATED]

Post by eddiea » August 5th 2011, 12:59pm

I think I heard Bwana Temple, stating in the DB presentations this past weekend, that the DM is now available with an ETA movement? or it could be another of his fucked ups?
In any case, they are now available in several dial colors at the DB site.
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Re: Deep Blue: Depthmaster 3000 - Impressions [UPDATED]

Post by conjurer » November 26th 2017, 12:02am

Interestingly, this might well have been one of Stain Betosh's real homeruns. There seem to have been a few of these that have sold on Watchrecon in the last year, for around an average of $500. Assuming that Jaw's original Depthmaster was in decent condition (a fair assumption, as I've seen some of his watches, and he keeps 'em in good nick) he could sell it for only a couple of hundred dollars depreciation, which is unheard of for TeeVee watches.
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