Deep Blue: Depthmaster 3000 - Impressions [UPDATED]

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Deep Blue: Depthmaster 3000 - Impressions [UPDATED]

Post by jaw » July 8th 2011, 10:57am

Just some quick and early impressions of this watch.

Had every expectation of sending this back, but was pleasantly surprised with the execution and size management. Asked the wife about the size being too large "heavens no" (no jokes please). Probably due to being low and wide with potentially large areas broken up by seams and extrusions. Looks good and upscale, but not Omega/Rolex upscale. Certainly not for everyone - It is a beast. Still, a considerable step up in execution for Deep Blue IMHO.

Too soon for Miyota 9015 impressions but very happy to finally have my first in this watch.


  • WOW - A substantial cut above all other Deep Blues
  • Quite the accomplishment for Stan
  • Yes its a Big - But tastefully so
  • Domed Sapphire Crystal
  • Sapphire Bezel Insert - Provides an upscale appearance.
  • Great 120 Bezel Click Purr
  • Fit/Finish Excellent - No sharp edges anywhere
  • Solid Secure Crown Manipulation/Feel
  • Omega Design Queues in hour markers and bracelet links
  • Antique Marker/Hand Colors - Less saturated
  • Lume Outstanding
  • Thick Beefy Bracelet - Commensurate with case size
  • Good Evolution of the Pro Sea Diver Design


  • Pin Tube Link System
  • Only 2 Micro Clasp Adjustments
  • Worried about the Sapphire Bezel - Would prefer Ceramic.




5-Way Size Comparison
Seiko Tuna - Omega PO Chrono - Depthmaster 3K - Master 2K - SANIII (full resolution photo here)

Thanks for Watching

Stats from Deep Blue DM3K Page
Water resistance: 3000M/10000FT

Movement: Miyota 9015 (date), 24 jewels, 28800 v/h Automatic + hand winding 42 hours power reserve

Case material: 316L stainless steel Bracelet material: 316L solid stainless steel, 26mm solid end-piece, 26mm first link, solid pin+tube system for adjustable links (with solid deployant clasp and solid diver extension.)

Crystal: Sapphire, domed Bezel: Stainless steel, unidirectional, 120 clicks with SAPPHIRE insert.

Helium valve: Automatic + protective cap. Crown: Triple O-ring screw type Case back: Double O-ring

CASE SIZE: Thickness: 19.50mm Width: 49.00mm (Crown and bezel guards not measured, with bezel guard: 53mm)) Length: 55.00mm Weight: 300 gm (10.5 oz)
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Re: Deep Blue: Depthmaster 3000 - Impressions [UPDATED]

Post by BigCheez » July 8th 2011, 11:05am

Great photography, JAW (as always) and excellent review.

I kind of like the sapphire bezel. I would think if it's thick enough, it shouldn't be all that delicate comparatively to ceramic. Both materials seem cooler to me than aluminum.

Keeps us posted on the movement. That's the potential game-changer.

Enjoy the watch!

BTW: 49mm on a guy your size is not the same as if Boskoe or OTMF were wearing it.
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Re: Deep Blue: Depthmaster 3000 - Impressions [UPDATED]

Post by Aqua Homer » July 8th 2011, 12:40pm

Again, a great review and photos. I must say, that is a pretty attractive looking diver. My only experience with sapphire bezel inserts was handling an Aquatimer at Tourneau. That is a whole other story.......made my knees weak. For how much I hold DB in great suspicion, I really like this watch Jaw. Too big, but still looks great.
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Re: Deep Blue: Depthmaster 3000 - Impressions [UPDATED]

Post by dude » July 8th 2011, 12:46pm

Man, I want badly to like this watch Jeffrey, really badly! Great write up first off, and it is a great looking watch. Sapphire bezel is fucking killer!!!!!!!!
Everything is place if you put up a wish list of what a decent watch should have . . . alas, too big for me and I cannot for the life of me get past the name. Maybe if I finally see one in the wild I'll feel different.

None the less, great that you are pleased and yes it is good looking son of a DB . . .
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Re: Deep Blue: Depthmaster 3000 - Impressions [UPDATED]

Post by OTMF » July 8th 2011, 3:37pm

Great review.
I have told myself that I won't be purchasing divers in my future, however that sapphire bezel has me double guessing that. Perhaps that will be adopted by other manufacturers as well.

Heaven's to Betsy, great photos too.
I'm glad you have your wifes approval.

Oh, and Milk the Bull.....
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Re: Deep Blue: Depthmaster 3000 - Impressions [UPDATED]

Post by Horse Feathers » July 8th 2011, 6:21pm

Great review, really appreciate you spending the time. If I remember correctly you have an M2K as well. Can you possible share a side by side photo and comment about build quality between the two. I love my M2K's but don't think I would want a thicker watch. Am also disappointed with the us of a pin& collar bracelet. With its thickness I dont understand why they couldnt use screws. I have one of their T100 based watches with a pin & collar bracelet and I found it more difficult to size then similar bracelets used in Citizen, Seiko etc. If they can offer a bracelet with screws in he M2K and the Diver 1000 (another of my favorites) I think they could do the same with this watch

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Re: Deep Blue: Depthmaster 3000 - Impressions [UPDATED]

Post by jaw » July 9th 2011, 12:54pm

Thank Guys,

Due to several requests for various comparison shots, I've added a 5-Way Comparison shot to the review above.

@Horse Feathers
Yes it should have been screw links. This pin/tube system is particularly unruly. Be sure to use a small and long punch. The tubes within are quite long.

Also I wouldn't include either 3K/2K bubble back in a comparison. I feel the "effective" thickness is from crystal to just below the crown guard and lug edge (makes the 3K the thinner choice) - but that's just me.

@OTMF - I keep telling myself no more divers too.

@Noob/AH: I completely understand your positions. Mine is different and based on some experience with the brand and meeting Stan face2face. My cautious optimism remains with some very careful selection. Not all DBs are equal IMO.

@Cheeze: Don't you mean on guys OUR size? Image

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Post by anonymous-10 » July 9th 2011, 3:57pm

bigedsurf wrote:Milk the Goat.........

One does not "milk the goat",one lubes the goat.
Milking the goat means something completly different and it isn't pretty.
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Re: Deep Blue: Depthmaster 3000 - Impressions [UPDATED]

Post by Guest » July 18th 2011, 7:56am

I have one and keeps within 8 to 12 secs a day. Almost bought thier new Juggernaut $280.00 I think with the Miyota 9015 movement, but since I have only owned one Skeleton and sold bought 3 cheap Skeletons instead. Wish I hadn't now an bought the Jug Love that (Miyota 9015), but you will probably get secs. per day than mine does. Well good luck with your new DB great Dive watches from what I hear from divers and I don't dive so I have to take thier word for it. I just like the Quality and CS Stan gives you 2nd to none great guy will really work with you.
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Re: Deep Blue: Depthmaster 3000 - Impressions [UPDATED]

Post by gregl515 » July 29th 2011, 10:23pm

I want a green dial version so much, but I'm in watch purgatory due to a crazed watch spending spree lately.
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