Seiko Transocean--Two Months In

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Re: Seiko Transocean--Two Months In

Post by WISenheimer » May 15th 2024, 10:39am

I was living in Japan when they introduced the Transiocean line.

For whatever reasons, it didn't sell well in Japan as it disappeared from display cases really quickly and since then has been scarce on Japanese secondary markets.

Not clear to me why, fickle tastes of the Japanese public. Same thing happened to Orange Shogun and SARB037. Yahoo Auctions Japan has none at the moment.

Chrono24 has two, both chronographs, with quite high prices for 8r28 pieces.
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Re: Seiko Transocean--Two Months In

Post by jason_recliner » May 22nd 2024, 12:29am

Pete26 wrote:
May 22nd 2024, 12:09am
They do have something in the Presage line called Ocean Traveller. Quite a nice looking watch.

I have only seen it here. ... ef-sarf012
Nice tip Pete - never heard of these until now. The SARF013 is really nice:


Pricey for a 6Rxx though (AUD$2k).
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