WTB - Black Seiko Sumo

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WTB - Black Seiko Sumo

Post by jonnybardo » March 12th 2013, 1:50pm

The next watches on my wishlist are the Seiko Sumo and the Orient Saturation Diver, with the Tuna and one or two others a bit behind. I really want the Saturation Diver most, especially the now out of production model on Seiya with older style hands, but I'd rather work my way up to that and go for a Sumo first, considering that I eventually want both.

Anyways, here's the question: Where to buy a Sumo? It seems I have a few options:

- Ebay - they're never used but can be found new for ~$550
- WatchRecon - they show up relatively frequently but rarely go for less than $450, and only then when rather scuffed (I'd rather spend $550 new than $450, unless only very lightly used)
- SeiyaJapan - $564 seems about the going rate.
- Higuchi Inc - ~$490 is the best price new, but I'm a bit leery about it (and don't know if their price includes shipping).

So what do you recommend? Is Higuchi the best price and reliable? Or somewhere else? Quick shipping is a major plus.
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Re: WTB - Black Seiko Sumo

Post by mrneddles » March 12th 2013, 2:34pm

Higuchi is infallible, and his price includes shipping with tracking. I have purchased several JDM models from him and all have arrived in wrapped, new condition. $490 is the best price and I would jump on it as I heard the Yen/US$ rate was very favorable.

I am very close to buying a Blumo.
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