Inside the House of Bovet 1822

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Inside the House of Bovet 1822

Post by koimaster » August 14th 2022, 10:17am

If you want a good understanding of a watch brand, visiting its manufacture is often an eye-opening experience. There you’ll find out how the brand manufactures its watches, what’s made in-house, what’s the quality, how they handle finishing and decoration and what’s the scale of the production. In this respect, a visit to the Bovet 1822 manufacture is a highly interesting journey, because the production activities of this brand reveal a pretty rare level of vertical integration, especially for a company of this size. Bovet 1822 was founded 200 years ago by the Bovet brothers, who ran a company that mostly found success in China, where the youngest brother Edouard lived. Today, 200 years later, Bovet 1822 manufactures its timepieces in 2 locations in the Swiss Jura, exactly where the Bovet brothers were born and raised 2 centuries ago. Here, the brand produces and develops its watches entirely, including hairsprings, a rarity in this industry. This is the result of the vision of one man, Pascal Raffy, who bought the Bovet brand 20 years ago and has since then invested consistently in the production and crafts that are key to these watches. The concept is that of a company with a holistic approach to watchmaking. Today, with a new in-depth movie, we bring you inside the house of Bovet 1822, looking at all the steps of the production of these incredibly complex and decorated watches, and we’ll talk to Mr Raffy, owner of Bovet 1822. ... -horology/


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