sale of the green dial steel Nautilus

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sale of the green dial steel Nautilus

Post by koimaster » July 28th 2021, 3:35pm

Three big questions raised by the sale of the green dial steel Nautilus for half a million US dollars. What are your answers?

The watch community hit peak frustration last week, irked by the sale of a still-sealed, green dial steel Nautilus for $490,000 USD. Flipping is rife in this hobby, and many see it as the largest problem in watch collecting today – a practice that makes it harder to secure in-demand timepieces. Sure, it’s nothing new, but the sheer scale of this particular flip has set a new high watermark. The only real novelty here is that for the first time we are actually able to point the finger at an individual and cry foul. But last week, we saw an escalation of vitriol that waded into Game of Thrones territory, with people ready to strip the seller down and have him walk through King’s Landing naked with the angered community ringing the bell and yelling “shame”. Now that the dust has settled slightly, I think we need to get real for a second and calmly ask ourselves the important questions raised by this incident. ... -nautilus/ ... 234623207/


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