Rutten Meteorite Watches DR01

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Rutten Meteorite Watches DR01

Post by koimaster » July 28th 2021, 8:24am

When the David Rutten Meteorite Watches brand and its inaugural model the DR01 Streamline were launched, like many I was curious (especially as a sub CHF 10,000 meteorite watch), but as it is a niche limited edition (88 pieces) watch sold through a single website, I figured that I would be unlikely to see it.

However, its appearance on the shortlist of pre-selected watches for the GPHG 2019 awards meant that it came to Sydney as a part of the worldwide travelling exhibition, and so it found its way into my hands.

The use of meteorite in watches is something that we have covered before, most commonly in dial form showing the natural patterns, but also as a highly treated dial or treated case. Most popularly collected in and of itself, when used in other ways, this space debris can lend itself to people waxing lyrical.

David Rutten is a Belgian designer making a foray into watches. Malik ‘Pifpaf’ Bahri, the other public name behind the brand, is a watch blogger and member of various watch fora. As they put it, the goal with this new brand is not to incorporate meteorite watch but to incorporate a watch into meteorite. In their case, iron meteorite ... treamline/


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