Kurono Bunkyō Tokyo by Hajime Asaoka

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Kurono Bunkyō Tokyo by Hajime Asaoka

Post by koimaster » January 27th 2020, 11:46pm

The world of independent watchmaking will always be a niche one, in large part by dint of the small production numbers, as well as for the higher average entry price point into it. But even within such a niche the term applies to brands of quite disparate sizes and of varied production numbers. It is also still a very Europe-dominated group. One country for which there are a couple of highly regarded watchmakers is also the country best known for some of the world’s largest brands and biggest mass watch production numbers – Japan.

Independent watchmakers are not the default thought when people think about Japanese watches, with high end timepieces from Japan usually associated with Seiko’s premium brands. However, there are two names of note – Masahiro Kikuno and Hajime Asaoka, both of whom are members of the AHCI.

Today we are talking about a piece from Asaoka which was released this year under a new ‘sub (or diffusion) brand’. For a watchmaker whose watches are done in consultation with clients and may take a year to deliver, the Kurono Bunkyō Tokyo, powered by a Miyota 9085 movement but with the Asaoka touch, provided an affordable piece of the ‘indie world’ and sold out in minutes. His goal was accessibility and to have a watch that he himself would wear on an everyday basis; if you were quick enough, at ¥ 180,000 + tax it was a bargain.

https://horologium.com.au/2019/12/24/ha ... me-asaoka/


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