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independent watchmakers changing the game

Posted: October 16th 2019, 9:08am
by koimaster

RECOMMENDED READING: How independent watchmakers are changing the game

Nicholas Foulkes is an author, journalist and perhaps the closest thing the 21st century has to a genuine flâneur. He’s also deeply entrenched in the finer workings of the finer elements of the Swiss watch industry, so when he writes, it’s worth reading.

His latest column in the Financial Times’ excellently titled ‘How to Spend It’ sees Foulkes focus his lens on independent watchmaking, which is a bit of an industry-specific term referring specifically to lower production, artisanal brands (after all, Rolex is technically an independent brand). As Foulkes explains, it’s a segment of the industry that’s heating up on both the demand and innovation fronts

Original article from Financial times below ... atchmaking