Diamonds, rubies and Ronaldo

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Diamonds, rubies and Ronaldo

Post by koimaster » April 9th 2019, 9:12am

VIDEO: Diamonds, rubies and Ronaldo, 4 Franck Muller watches worth $7m

Franck Muller excel at three things: highly complicated watches, including the most complicated wristwatch in the world, shown in this video (worth a cool $4.3 million dollars); the sleek Curvex case, and diamonds. Lots and lots of diamonds. If you want to shine bright like one, and you have a million Australian dollars, you’re in luck. We have them on our wrists in this video.


Fun fact: This extraordinary fully diamond-set watch is a challenge to create, because, according to the designer, the diamonds are effectively set upside down, with the crown and pavilion facing into the watch. The table of each diamond is perfectly aligned, so as to create an uninterrupted line to the eye and to maximise the reflection of the light as it enters through the table.

Australian Pricing: $538K – $1m ... -worth-7m/


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