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Cyril Brivet-NaudotManibus Factum

Post by koimaster » April 4th 2019, 4:07pm

True to my philosophy, the vast majority of components are produced in-house, including such items as screws, pins and watch case, which elsewhere are often obtained from catalogues of serial-produced or contracted standard parts. Only the mainspring, the balance-spring and part of the jewels are purchased externally, as they correspond to three component types shaped by processes that are fully-fledged trades in their own right. The watches are fitted with an entirely hand-crafted, custom-built escapement.

Because my work is artisanal, no two watches of mine can be the same; nothing in them is interchangeable or uniform. Although machine-tools are used, a vast amount of work, gauged by eye as much as from the fabrication plans, is carried out manually using a file. Each creation is therefore fundamentally unique. Added to this, my policy is to offer clients a timepiece that suits their own particular tastes, made in a style which is mine but in which they themselves have defined the complications, the display, the materials, the escapement, the layout of the parts, and so on. As I can see no point in doing the same thing twice, I am delighted to have no identical clients and be free to create afresh with each new order!


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