Uhr-Kraft: Give time an individual structure

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Uhr-Kraft: Give time an individual structure

Post by koimaster » December 10th 2018, 4:56pm

Site is in German but a good read using google translate

For many, Christmas is a reason to make their loved ones very special gifts - for example jewelry. On the gift table then next to chains, rings and other shiny jewelery watches as well. So-called smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular. These smart watches are synchronized with the smartphone and have additional sensors. For example, they can count steps and retrieve e-mails.

Driving and tension spring

"High-tech on the wrist, who likes something like that ...", says Ralf Lehr and smiles. For the owner of Uhr-Kraft, mechanical movements exert a much greater fascination: "In a mechanical watch, a heart beats, we hear it ticking." The drive and tension spring, gear train, gear regulator and hand movement form the inner workings, whereas a smartwatch is made almost only made of boards.

"While such a minicomputer would be obsolete after two or three years, a mechanical watch is a piece that can last for generations." With good maintenance, of course. "Every five to seven years must have a watch like a car for inspection. Everything is taken apart, oiled, reassembled. Until next time."

https://www.waz.de/staedte/essen/uhr-kr ... -1SByT_gGs


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