Seiko Watch Technical Guide (hires/color) by Stony @ SCWF

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Seiko Watch Technical Guide (hires/color) by Stony @ SCWF

Post by koimaster » July 2nd 2013, 6:45am

A bit dated since the last entry was 2010 but still a good resource,2218.0.html

I want to thank Stony and others at forums such as SCWF and others many of us are members of or visit for the work they have done compiling information like this and sharing it with the public. It is a tribute to them and a great service to collectors worldwide.

I did scan the “Seiko Watch Technical Guide”, dated somewhere in the late seventies I think.
Most of it's content is already available online, for example here:,23.0.html

But these new scans are in color (useful, because the type of oil is indicated by color) and high resolution (simply nicer :) )

High   resolution comes with a disadvantage: total scan size is 125 Mb. So I   did split the guide according to the index, I think the titles of the   links speak for themselves. If you’re looking for just one specific   movement, please check the “List of basic and derivative calibres”   chapter which basic caliber sheet applies .

Because of filesize, I   deleted the empty pages. If you want to print the pages, check the   appropriate “rotate” and “fit to page” options in your pdf reader   because of several oversized pages.

I hope you enjoy this guide



    Seiko Watch Technical Guide Individual Sections and Caliber Guides:
    Technical Addendum:
    Seiko Tech Guide Addendum - Repairing & Checking Methods for Calibers 7005A, 7006A, 6138A & 6139A           5.5M


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