Hi to everyone

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Re: Hi to everyone

Post by codguy » November 4th 2023, 5:20am

conjurer wrote:
November 3rd 2023, 10:18pm
The last time we had a member with that name was a fellow who accidentally closed the power tailgate of his Audi SUV on his genitals.
But awl turned out well (kinda), he now identifys as a she/them, wears Birkenstocks and drives an old school Subaru outback.

so BooBoo, whatcha got to contribute here?
I myself are not a watch collector noar enthusiast and to, be honest I'm knot sure how to use them,I just wear one to be accepted buy the folks here.


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Re: Hi to everyone

Post by Nuvolari » November 4th 2023, 7:38pm

I’m sorry - who the hell are you? Are we supposed to take you seriously… when THAT is the name you came up with?

Surely a ‘watch lover’ must have a watch or two… for example, what kind of watch is your favorite and why? Do you own a watch?

Unless your internet requires you to pay by the word, that’s a pretty half fast introduction… but it may not be all you. I ordered a double, and I know damn well there’s barely a jigger in my drink. And that shits annoying. Too.
”Russian Warship - Go Fuck Yourself!”

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Re: Hi to everyone

Post by ocean » November 9th 2023, 6:29am

BooBoo wrote:
November 3rd 2023, 12:46am
Hi i'm BooBoo from Florida. I'm a watch lover and i wonna learn more about timepieces.
Gator fan? What type of watches do you like? Don’t be a troll!
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