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Re: Hello - Ciao

Post by Nuvolari » October 27th 2022, 9:51pm

Ciao Valerio!

Where in Italy?

Welcome to Watch Lords - tell us more about your watches, per favore.

We all appreciate good and even mediocre photography - so we’d love to see pictures of your favorites… Particularly anything vintage.

You can expect a some ball-busting along the way but it is nearly always with good humor (when a poster is not a troll - which we will assume to be the case and can verify along the way of getting to know you).

I am curious, though - do you own an automobile powered by an engine greater than 2 litres? If so, can you offer insight on how the additional taxes are calculated?

Post your watches, engage in conversations, and you’ll find this a pretty cool place for watch enthusiasts to hang out without imposing moderators seeking to edit or erase your opinions!

Bummer about your new PM - it looks like very few citizens bothered to vote. I guess you just have to push through a few years until the next politician gets a chance to sit in the big chair. We are not unfamiliar with completely ineffective politicians…. The languages are different, but the results are largely the same. :(

Regardless - VIVA ITALIA!
”Russian Warship - Go Fuck Yourself!”

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