My name is Mike and I'm a "watch-a-holic".

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My name is Mike and I'm a "watch-a-holic".

Post by tictocdoc » April 11th 2022, 9:30am

O.K. - introduction - got my flameproof undies on.........

First off, let me say Hello, my name is Mike (a.k.a. "tictocdoc") and I'm a "watch-a-holic".

It has been 2 days since my last watch purchase. My Wife is so proud.

My addiction began in 2001 when I bought my first pocket watch. Seemed so innocent at the time. Never imagined what that 1 little watch would lead to a life of addiction......

I have been working the 12 steps of watch-a-holicism:
1) Timex
2) Casio
3) Seiko
4) Citizen
5) Elgin
6) Waltham
7) Rockford
8) Seth Thomas
9) Hamilton
10) Howard
11) Girard-Perregaux
12) Rolex

eBay seller's name: "tic_toc_doc"
YouTube Channel (currently under construction): "Mike's Timepieces"
Location: North Houston, TX area (near Tomball)
Self-taught (please don't judge)
Started breaking, I mean fixing, watches in 2001
Worked on Atmos and Anniversary clocks (limited)
Serviced Rolex's and GP's
HATE cuckoo clocks!
Love/collect - "Railroad Approved" pocket watches.
Do hand engraving (on my own guns ONLY) - self-taught
Do 3D cad (fusion 360) and 3D Printing (built 3 printers from scratch)
Avid shooter / reloader

Looking forward to meeting you all!!!!!



One thing I initially left off my introduction:

My Wife and I are "Gold Star" parents. Our Son , Maj. Shawn Campbell, U.S.M.C - Pegasus 31 / 32, was killed, along with 11 Marines under his command, off Oahu 1/14/2016. They died during a training exercise off the North shore. They were flying 2, CH-53's that collided. Our Son died in defense of our great Nation. He had 16 yrs in and had finished his requirements to make the rank of Lt. Col. but was killed before he could pin on. Did 3 tours in the sandbox and come home with out a scratch. Left a Wife and 4 children. He is our hero.
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Re: My name is Mike and I'm a "watch-a-holic".

Post by koimaster » April 11th 2022, 9:56am

Welcome to the forum. flame retardant undies recommended, You may be offered some over priced avatars by some shady members. The Aussies on the forum offer cheaper ones but most are used.


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Re: My name is Mike and I'm a "watch-a-holic".

Post by AlbertaTime » April 12th 2022, 1:13pm

My sad but complete respect to your son and his memory, and to your accomplishments raising him.

You came prepared and you've been duly warned.

And it's wonderful here. Welcome!
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