New guy from Louisiana

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Re: New guy from Louisiana

Post by biglove » September 4th 2020, 5:49am

Hidey-Ho and welcome, Boss.

Would love to see some of your watch photos and if you happen to have ever seen the Rougarou, we want photos of it, too.
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Re: New guy from Louisiana

Post by TemerityB » September 4th 2020, 1:18pm

As someone who has spent some time in New Orleans, I welcome you from NYC.

Best Po' Boys in the lower 48 - they should be, that's where they came from.
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Re: New guy from Louisiana

Post by koimaster » September 16th 2020, 12:55pm

Nuvolari wrote:
September 10th 2020, 1:21pm
Sup mang?

Windsor or Cleveland?

I was at a car show a few years ago and some guy was bragging about his 351 engine. He just went on about that motor Until I asked him the same question you have above. Guy was clueless. Did not know the difference between the two. Apparently that seems to be nothing uncommon with some of the folks in the car world these days.


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