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George here

Post by georgewg » August 13th 2020, 1:09pm

Hello everyone. I'm brand new here and I would like to say thank you for accepting me to this wonderful watch forum. I live in the northeastern part of the USA. I'm 56 1/2 years old and I love to collect watches.

My collection consists of divers watches, chronographs and LCD watches. I also own a few analog/digital watches. I own Seiko diver's watches, Seiko Chronographs, Seiko LCD alarm watches, Citizen Eco-Drive Diver's watches, Citizen Eco-Drive Chronographs , a few Invictas, a 6105 Homage SteelDive Diver's watch, a Homage 6105 San Martin Diver's watch, a few Wenger Diver watches, Timex LCD's and also some regular Timex Quartz Indiglo analog watches, many non G-Shock Casio LCD watches as well as a huge array of various Casio G-Shock models and a few no name brands.

I love buying watches on eBay and on Amazon when I see something that I like if the price is reasonable. All in all, I probably own over 100+ watches in my collection. I've been collecting watches since the mid 1990's. However, I've been buying watches since I was 10 years old. I just added 3 more analog G-Shocks to my collection. I hope to exchange knowledge as well as to learn more about watches here in this forum. I'm looking forward to making new friends on here who love buying and collecting watches as much as I do.
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Re: Welcome new Members

Post by biglove » August 13th 2020, 1:16pm

Hidey-Ho! Photos are appreciated; of your watches, not your genitals.

Barring speaking ill of a Lord’s family and penis pics, pretty much everything else is a go here. Unless you are a pedo then those folks up in the NW are gonna’ break out the work car.

What line of work you in?
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