Hi from the desert

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Re: Hi from the desert

Post by 3Flushes » July 6th 2018, 11:54am

Sminkypinky wrote:
gerdson wrote: May I ask which desert You are located at?

The Kingdom of Kuwait.

Sun, sand, sea, and slums. Lovely.

And yet your signature would seem to indicate that you have a fantastically polymorphic perverse sex life, so you got that going for ya.
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Re: Hi from the desert

Post by koimaster » May 29th 2022, 10:39pm

ocean wrote:
May 29th 2022, 8:44pm
koimaster wrote:
May 29th 2022, 8:22pm
Getting this one on the 1st.

The more I see that one the closer I get. I really like that combo

Gell him you want to reserve one before they are gone. He will hold one for you


“Your heart was warm and happy

With the lilt of Irish laughter

Every day and in every way

Now forever and ever after."
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Re: Hi from the desert

Post by Sminkypinky » June 24th 2022, 1:41am

gerdson wrote:
July 5th 2018, 9:28pm
Join-date December '15, there is not a lot of Irish (half) that can keep their mouth shut in such a long time. Some here wish that bobbee would :mrgreen:

@Sminkypinky - sorry, I believe I missed Your intro. Welcome! And that Zeno is looking good. May I ask which desert You are located at?
Sorry, I was keeping you in suspense.

So 5 years and 18 days is enough I reckon.
I'm in Kuwait but I'm moving to another desert soon. And by the sea. Finally I will have a reason for owning a Gulfmaster.
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