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Re: greetings from tulsa

Post by Mortuus Fakeuus » September 27th 2017, 7:12am

Welcome to WatchLords. We're a little odd here, in that we prefer complete sentences, punctuation and just a bit more info than "Hi me likey watches lots." Still, we DO understand that you may have been in a hurry, getting ready to head across the road and into the basement of the Suds Yer Duds laundrette before the next twister hits your trailor park... :|


I'm sorry, guys. Really, I am. I try, fellows, I truly do. But, year after year, it's the same old thing, despite our near-pleading with them, and even giving them a freaking template to follow! "Hey. I'm Rocko. Like watch's I does. Im halving trubble up loading a pix pic of my gerbil, flemming." Ahem. Yes. :scratch:

SERIOUSLY, it ain't that hard, is it? Well, IS IT? Jeebus...I'll just take my meth pipe and go home, then... :roll:

Hey, guys; check out the placement of that comma in the OP's post. EyE know of only one person who does that...
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