Hello from Mid-Atlantic USA

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Re: Hello from Mid-Atlantic USA

Post by biglove » May 23rd 2017, 5:23pm


You seem to share the same passions as a certain public personality. You wouldn't be known for screwing over people at cigar, knife and watch forums?

Please, oh, please be him. We need a play toy.
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Re: Hello from Mid-Atlantic USA

Post by conjurer » May 23rd 2017, 6:47pm

Falstaff wrote:
nimbleboy wrote:Welcome!

The rest of you guys are getting soft. Did I miss something in the last year or so?

God yes. Haven't shoved a pineapple up a peehole in ever so long....

Quite so. Not so long ago, it seemed we had a geek in the wire at least once a week. Lately, I went out to check on the work car, and the fucking battery was dead!!
My little brain can't even comprehend how deep that is.

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