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New member registration reminder

Post by Darksider » May 24th 2013, 7:06am

At this point due to a troll influx you post in the introduction forum in the within 5 days after having your registration activated. This is to check and confirm you are not a spammer nor using a proxy. Forum policy is absolute in this matter to protect members here.

If a newly activated member fails to post in that period their account will be deactivated. I have been very lenient with this policy over the last three years but with forums being hacked elsewhere I am enforcing the policy. It may help to read the post below.

Thick skins and waders are suggested at times. A sense of humor a must. Rough welcomes are the norm here, don't take it personally. If need be, use the ignore button.


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Re: New member registration reminder

Post by koimaster » May 25th 2013, 7:08pm

Well, once again I am going to delete members who fail to post. Thank you for visiting Watchlords. Please visit the suggested sites forum on the way out the door. You may find some that are more suited to you. I also want to remind people that this is not watchgeeks. Do not post in this forum like it is.

Thank you.

As of 9:14 this evening, after a 5 minute waste of my time, 250 members were deleted. WL does not carry ghost members to boost numbers.

Membership deletions - Updated 5/8/13 - 350+ deleted - if you do not post, you do not belong here

Post by koimaster on Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:15 pm

We have a policy here at watchlords which is you post once in the intro section and then maybe post once in awhile or log in to let us know you are still alive and interested in the forum. I suppose making the forums unseen to non-members might get people's attention but this is the real world.

If you do not log in or post for a period of time your account is first deativated and then deleted. This is not wallyworld, nor any other forum which has to have large numbers to draw sponsors. If you want to lurk, fine but at least let us know you are still around once in awhile by logging in. If not, fuck you and goodbye. That is it in a nutshell people. Over the last three years (on the 16th of this month) we will have deleted for non participation over 4000 registrations. I do not want people here who do not have enough respect for the other members who do take the time to log in and participate.


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