14th Century Astronomical Clock

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14th Century Astronomical Clock

Post by koimaster » August 23rd 2021, 8:36am

Le Gros Horloge is a staple in Rouen, the historic city in Normandy, and one of the oldest working clocks in Europe, built in 1389. This astronomical clock spans the street of Rue Du Gros-Horloge, held in place by a beautiful renaissance arch in a gothic belfry from the 14th century.

The oldest part of the monument is the belfry (tower) itself. However, it is not the belfry that was initially constructed. In 1382, Charles VI destroyed the tower and its bells as punishment for the ‘Revolt of La Harelle’ by the citizens of Rouen. The residents then lost all of their communal freedoms that were given to them by Jean Sans-Terre at the start of the 13th century.

The citizens, obviously upset, decided to build a clock in 1389. They then asked the local bailiff of Rouen for permission to place it where the last belfry was. It was granted and a new tower was to begin construction along with it. This new tower’s core now sits on the initial belfry’s foundation.

https://montrespubliques.com/new-long-r ... os-horloge


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