King George’s Breguet pocket watch

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King George’s Breguet pocket watch

Post by koimaster » March 2nd 2021, 7:23pm

Monarchists in Britain have endured a tough time of late. Just before coronavirus went literally viral, there was a right royal rumble as Prince Harry and Meghan quit the royal family. As if that wasn’t bad enough, 2021 now sees the royal family in danger of losing another of its crown jewels, the King George pocket watch. ... ket-watch/


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Re: King George’s Breguet pocket watch

Post by jason_recliner » March 3rd 2021, 12:33am

koimaster wrote:
March 3rd 2021, 12:25am
jason_recliner wrote:
March 2nd 2021, 10:58pm
Tough time of late?
No politics in open forum.
Fair enough. Wasn't sure if royals counts as politics. Won't mention it again.
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