Pocket watch for new preacher

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Pocket watch for new preacher

Post by bbattle » October 4th 2020, 3:08pm

My grandson-in-law is getting his divinity degree. I would like to get him a pocket watch for graduation. I seem to remember he's got the watch chain for his vest but no watch.

My father had inherited a gold railroad watch from his uncle but I have no idea where it is these days. But gold is what I think of when I think pocket watch. But I'm open to any metal; gold, silver, steel, etc.

Any suggestions would be most helpful, especially if they are in the "under $1,000" range.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Pocket watch for new preacher

Post by biglove » October 4th 2020, 3:36pm

Calling Smells. Dr. Smells?

And I believe A-T has some pocket watches?
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Re: Pocket watch for new preacher

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » October 4th 2020, 6:37pm

Try looking for some open-face vintage piece, a full hunter (savonnette) in solid gold could go beyond the budget. You could probably find one from, say, Cyma/Tavannes.

An acquaintance’s grandfather was a Protestant (Lutheran) reverend, and the people of his parish got him a full hunter-case Tavannes in 14K gold. So, I teckon that’s a sound suggestion, for I’ve heard of one preacher having owned and worn such a watch.
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