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Moscow Comptus Easter Clock

Posted: April 12th 2020, 10:07pm
by koimaster
Politics, ideologies, and culture wars: these are the things that I most dislike about the world we currently live in.

There are so many wonderful and incredible things in every corner of our earth that it is truly a shame we aren’t one big happy family sharing this beautiful blue planet. Imagine being able to travel anywhere and meeting anyone without fearing for your safety because of religion, nationality, or which bathroom you use.

A whole world of adventure would await you!

But instead we live in a world struggling with fear, one wrong move away from an armed conflict. As an American living under an increasingly controversial administration at the beginning of 2017, the list of places that I can visit in the world and feel comfortable in seems to shrink by the day.

Normally this would have nothing to do with horology as Switzerland is neutral, Germany and England are part of my heritage, and the Japanese are great friends with the United States of America.

And while that covers almost all of the major horological centers of the world, there is one place that consistently produces incredible mechanical wonders where I may or may not be so welcome: Russia. ... k-reprise/