the Pantheon Clock is finally working

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the Pantheon Clock is finally working

Post by koimaster » December 10th 2018, 4:58pm

In French but can be translated

In 2006, an urban experiment group, the Untergunther, had secretly restored the Pantheon clock. More than a decade later, the National Monuments Center will complete renovating this 19th century Wagner clock.

The story, incredible, will have a happy ending. In 2005 and for a year, the Untergunther, an urban experimentation group of infiltration and heritage restoration specialists, had quietly restored the nineteenth-century Wagner clock, which was in the process of being irreparably damaged. inform the Pantheon of their clandestine operation. Unfortunately, the administration of the National Monuments Center (NMC), unenthusiastic that the case puts security gaps on the front burner, had preferred to file a complaint against the Untergunther group, without success, and left the clock in the state. ... uRR8ttH78o


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