Richest Man in the World is Building Apocalypse-proof Clock

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Richest Man in the World is Building Apocalypse-proof Clock

Post by Racer-X » February 24th 2018, 11:19am

by Felix Scholz "The most incredible clock in the world is being built, not in Switzerland or Germany but in the middle of a mountain in Texas. It’s called the 10,000 Year Clock, and the man making sure it gets built is none other than Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, who has already spent US $42 million on the project.

I’ve been mildly obsessed with the Clock since I first heard about it around 2010 (it was conceived in 1989, and work started on it 30-odd years ago, and a scale model was finished on New Year’s Eve in 1999). And while it might seem like slow going, consider the fact that this clock is designed to run — without the need for maintenance — for 10 millennia. To find out more about the clock, I’d recommend this excellent Wired story. The work is very much underway, as Jeff Bezos has just posted a video of the full-scale prototype being installed in the hollowed-out mountain. BTW, Bezos is also intending to use this hollow mountain as a spaceport for Blue Origin (as you do)."

Article at Time & Tide

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