The Captain Who Fell In Love With Ship's Clocks

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The Captain Who Fell In Love With Ship's Clocks

Post by koimaster » October 6th 2017, 10:06am

I’m 75 years old, and how the hell that happened, I have no idea,” David Thompson tells me. It’s an ironic statement from a man whose job is repairing clocks, so concerned with the precise marking of time. “I don’t wear a watch. I usually don’t care what time it is, but for some reason I love clocks.” Thompson is not your garden variety horologist, however. His specialty is Chelsea ship’s clocks, particularly those that still tick in the pilothouses and engine rooms of the giant freighters that ply the waters of North America’s Great Lakes. And though Thompson came to this career only five years ago, it’s as if he’s been preparing for this second act his whole life. ... ch-officer


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Post by anonymous-10 » October 6th 2017, 11:34am

Nice to see somebody out there who works on mid-sized Invictas
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