Four Traditional Clockmakers

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Four Traditional Clockmakers

Post by koimaster » September 27th 2017, 8:54am

Clock enthusiasts today seek a deeper look into the mechanical details of their favorite timekeepers

More than ever, clock collectors are fascinated by the microcosm of interacting clock wheels and the combination of engineering and aesthetic design.

While such enthusiasts are among the minority at the large timepiece shows, such as Baselworld, they can nonetheless see true fine, mechanical clock making at that show and others.

If you count yourself among these clock fanciers, let me point out four clockmakers that continue to practice their art at a high level. These makers each have a slightly different design emphasis, varying price points and markets, but all offer high quality clocks.

Many of the materials, techniques and tools of production have not changed materially in 200 years, and we can note here that today these clocks are still largely hand-made.

Of course, for example, there are milling machines for cutting the teeth of the wheels. But, for any function, there always were such tools, perhaps not so accurate and sophisticated but in wide use just the same.

And whereas many high-end watches are priced on the basis of what the market can pay, fine clocks are priced on the basis of hours spent patiently at the bench by skilled artisans. When the market for watches wavers the brands can moderate their prices; when the buyers for clocks disappear, the makers are simply lucky to stay in business. These are the stark realities faced by the clockmakers.

Yet some makers have survived for quite some time, albeit somewhat tenuously.

Sinclair Harding
In 1967 Mike Harding and Bill Sinclair in Cheltenham, England founded Sinclair Harding as a clock repair business. After only a few years Sinclair retired from the business. Mike Harding continued until 1995 when he sold the business to Robert Bray and the company relocated to West Yorkshire. ... ockmakers/


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