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Post by koimaster » June 30th 2017, 8:26am

This website is divided into the three areas of horology that interest me. They are tower clocks (also known as turret clocks in the UK), skeleton clocks and bank vault time locks. The common theme is the fact that one can see the mechanism. When these clocks are running, they become beautiful kinetic pieces of art. This is especially true at the scale demonstrated by the tower clocks.

Another aspect of the collection is that it encompasses the full range of time movement sizes that a person might encounter in the world of horology. From a few ounces and an inch or so across - the size of a pocket watch, to over a one-half ton, 6 foot wide tower clock. The oldest clock is from the late 1400's and the newest is now under construction.

I also enjoy the restoration of time pieces, in particular, tower clocks. There is something very satisfying in bringing an ugly, rusted piece of machinery back to life as a beautiful kinetic sculpture. The Restorations button goes through a typical restoration process for tower, skeleton and time locks. One will get a sense of how labor intensive (labor of love?) this process can be.


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