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Re: A new arrival

Post by bobbee » April 8th 2017, 6:34pm

MKTheVintageBloke wrote:OK, the maker is now known... Guess you owe Enrico at least a pint, Bob. If not a gallon...

The movement is indeed Swiss; it was designed by a Ferdinand Bachschmid of Biel, and later on made by Orion - a movement manufacturer registered to a company called Brandt & Hoffman, who took the business over from Bachschmid.

Truth be told, I don't think I would have ever managed to find that info out myself- I've never heard of Bachschmid or Orion before, and I mostly associate the name Brandt with Louis Brandt & Frere, the company behind Omega, Helvetia and Patria.

Thanks chum, I owe you both a drink and it's not the only one I owe Rico, he ID'd my LeCoultre movement for me.
Apparently, Orion supplied V&C, Stauffer and Ulysse Nardin back in the day, so my little "Turret" is in good company!

Medal winners an'all...

"O' cruel fate, to be thusly boned! Ask not for whom the bone bones, it bones for thee." ~ Bender Bending Rodriguez

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