On the way: Geckota Ocean Scout - Frost

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On the way: Geckota Ocean Scout - Frost

Post by WIStful » April 11th 2024, 1:15pm

https://www.watchgecko.com/products/ge ... ylon-strap


Been reconstituting my collection and rethinking horological priorities in recent months. Pretty much cleaned out the watch drawer to eBay with one exception, my Citizen NB1060.

That and its sibling tje NB1050 are the quintessential sarariman udetokei, great all rounder, well made, boring as fuck and quite affordable. If a better one comes around, buy it.

Chronograhs, like them but legibility is a huge deal for me these days, presbyopia. Having 20/20 long range, really dont want to put on readers to look at a watch.

Like dive watches for the lume, bezel, which I can read naked eye, and ruggedness, perceived at least.

So I stumbled across this Geckota, go doen the checklist for stuff that fits my personal daily wearer category (these days), which is admittedly quite mundane, and this thing hits them all. Surprisingly

1. Compact. 38,5mm diameter, 11.8mm thick, but 48mm lug to lug. No crown guards etc.

2, Simple dial. No date, no chapter ring, just a few lines of black text. Pastel arctic blue has always been a favorite of mine in lots of things besides watches.

Sword hands are fine with me. Innocuous.

The winter themed texturing agrees with me, the ine bit of panache in watch.

3. Boxed/domed sapphire crystal.

4. 28.8KBM. Really like the smoother sweep. Miyota 9039x.

5. Designed for legibility. Geckota states the index surrounds, but not the hands, are black to increase legibility. Polished would be more stylin’ but I gitta agree with them on legibility and it is attractive enough.

6. Affordable at 649 USD shipped with both a cloth and “luxurious” (their wiord) leather strap. It also ships with their straight end Berwick bracelet, nice enough thing, for 779 USD, but since the piece seems designed for straight ends, lots of alternatives at 130 USD saving plus one gets the cloth and luxurious leather straps.

7. Lume. Not patinated etc, Whie superluminova that glows blue. And here is what closed the deal:

Lumed bezel. Only this model with stainless bezel, the black bezeled ones have lumed pip only.

Abdolutely adore this.

Also, nice enough engraving on back. I am agnostic about engravings or view ports especially on affordables but a nice enough touch.


None of their discount codes worked for this item. It is new and they say thet made 75 of strapped and 75 of braceleted, so I guess they arent worried about moving them.
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Re: On the way: Geckota Ocean Scout - Frost

Post by bbattle » April 11th 2024, 4:15pm

Thanks for sharing this; the watch is very interesting. I liked your breakdown, too.

I clicked the link and checked out the offerings and found that the Geckota Sea Hunter uses the PT5000 movement.

The PT5000 turns out to be a very capable clone of the ETA 2824. It achieved chronometer status as determined by the Chronometer Observatory at Glaschutte, the first Chinese movement to do so.
https://www.watchgecko.com/blogs/magazi ... h-movement

I'm sure more knowledgeable minds here would have a better opinion than mine, but will Seiko wake up and improve their workhorse NH35 or keep it and introduce an upgraded movement and call it the NH70 or something? Or do nothing and continue to rake in the big bucks same as always?
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Re: On the way: Geckota Ocean Scout - Frost

Post by jason_recliner » April 11th 2024, 5:01pm

bbattle wrote:
April 11th 2024, 4:44pm
$649USD or $992.17 AUS dollars.
Cheers! I was walking a big hound so might have missed it and couldn't go googling. Sadly $1,000 enters the realm of 'big' purchases for me, have to justify it against the boring things I actually need :dssd:
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Re: On the way: Geckota Ocean Scout - Frost

Post by WIStful » April 11th 2024, 7:05pm

Not a fan of leather on dives either. I just figured for 130 USD savings and designed for straight ends, a lot of choices out there. Plus two 20mm straps, one cloth, one leather, that may have utility elsewhere.

I really like adjustable clasps like on Rolex Submariner, Seiko MM300 etc, on divers. If i can end up with that I will be happy as a clam

Probably wear it on grey cloth strap until that gets sorted. Beads of rice or something seems likely.
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