AnOrdain collaborating with Hodinkee on new watch

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AnOrdain collaborating with Hodinkee on new watch

Post by bbattle » May 10th 2023, 3:17pm

I've been interested in AnOrdain's watches because of their enamel dials but haven't yet pulled the trigger on one.

I get this link in my mail box about them working on a new technique for a sunburst dial with Hodinkee.

The dial is hand-engraved and that involves an awful lot of labor hours.

he watch in question combines three decorative styles in a single effect that is, we believe, a first. It features a sunburst pattern – common enough, but normally achieved in a machine process that involves spinning and brushing the dial. Our sunburst, however, has been hand-engraved: every minuscule score (around 1,120 of them) radiating from the centre is cut individually by hand. This is then layered up with coloured transparent enamel. It’s a simple idea: sunburst + hand-engraving + enamel. But the result is disarmingly beautiful, incredibly demanding to create, and unlike anything else we’ve seen.

Why launch with Hodinkee?

Partnering with the world’s biggest watch publication is our way of planting our flag in the ground, with what’s both an original technique and one of the most skilful and demanding things we’ve ever done. We hope it’s a technique which others pick up, but it’s also nice to celebrate doing something new.


The Hodinkee edition, available at, is priced at $6000 (+VAT where applicable). That reflects the time required to craft each piece – we calculated that between engraving, enamelling and watchmaking, our team has spent about over 100 hours on each watch. It may sell out quickly, so we do apologise if they go before you get a chance to buy. ... cf1df2858f ... r-hodinkee

Well, too rich for my blood but it kind of makes their other offerings seem like bargains now.
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Re: AnOrdain collaborating with Hodinkee on new watch

Post by jason_recliner » May 10th 2023, 6:03pm

3Flushes wrote:
May 10th 2023, 4:25pm
Spectacular — their enamel gradient dials, and now these, alone are wroth the price of admission.,
Unfortunately, the x Hodickey, as the hipsters who worship Hodickey would say, makes them worth precisely $0 to me.

(great dial though)
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