Teddy takes on MVMT - Full Documentary

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Teddy takes on MVMT - Full Documentary

Post by Racer-X » September 1st 2019, 2:58pm

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"MVMT, got their start 6 years ago, in June of 2013. A brand started by two college-aged guys from Southern California, Jake Kassan and Kramar LaPlante. But amidst their growth from 0 to 100 million dollars in just 5 years, and being acquired by the long-standing player in the industry, Movado, the criticism rose alongside the sales, making them one of the most controversial consumer brands in the world. In this video, we address the controversy head-on, with a trip to MVMT's world headquarters."


4:40, Buying from Alibaba.
9:31, The owner reacts to a popular video exposing MVMT's supply chain and production.
18:30, The owner reacts to a controversial influencer video comparing MVMT to Rolex.
23:00, Archie Luxury is the Godfather.
33:12, Teddy gives the owner his final thoughts.
40:50, Jean Claude Biver lays down some reality.
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Re: Teddy takes on MVMT - Full Documentary

Post by 3Flushes » September 2nd 2019, 9:53am

I've seen an interview with this guy once before where he made the claim that Ali Baba has knocked MVMT off. The cock makes the claim about 11:30 in Teddy's filum.

Huckster pitchmen slinging lower tier, Chinese souvenir grade crap. Same-o, lame-o.
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Re: Teddy takes on MVMT - Full Documentary

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » September 2nd 2019, 11:53am

I, meanwhile, have watched the entire video, same as I managed to read Hoedonkey articles - I mean, i wouldn't be able to quote it and roast it if I wouldn't have read it.

So, a few thoughts... Well, maybe not a few.

The Jake fellow isn't a cretin. Sure, he does produce shite wartches, but if not for the douchebag attire, one could mistake him for a politician. Or at least one could wonder why didn't he make a career as a supplier of manure, because he exceeds at selling bullshit without even blinking. The guy's a shyster, but not of the obtuse kind.

Still, I think he had his hopes too high, when trying to push the "premium product" baloney. I mean, hold a fucking MVMT in your hand just for a second. Feel how the crown and pushers work, carefully examine the bracelet. This isn't a premium product, it's the sort of thing that gives Cathay a bad name, and it leaves an even worse impression when you know that MVMT paid scores of influencers for having a bukkake on a certifiably shitty product.

Cutting out the middleman - now that's a fucking load of bollocks. MVMT is available in almost every retail chain distributing the Movado Group's brands. Every MVMT wartche's price includes commissions - the salesperson's and the retailer's cut. So, what "cutting out the middleman?" Go to an MVMT retailer, say hello to the salesperson, and you're already talking to the middleman.

That Utube "influencer", Alpha was his name? What a fucking cunt. I mean, he basically confesses to liking the mvmt of the MVMT cock in his arse, the fucking rentboy.
You could tell that the Jake fellow was slightly embarrassed. I mean, paying someone to promote your company is one thing, but it's hard not to be embarrassed, when said promotion is nothing short of a streaker jogging around and wanking in public while wearing your product.
Then again, that's what you get for hiring "influencers." If you pay the disease-ridden, cheap whores of the social media, syphillis is the least you'll ever get, and thus you're bound to need some social media penicillin at some point; that's the best case scenario.

Archie's no better. It's hard to say when is this fat, fucking toad joking, because he's a bloody lampoon of a WIS, so you never know if he's being serious about anything. If he was serious about that, he's not even a cheap whore, he's a skid row cocksucker deepthroating the scum of the industry, and indeed the Earth, by the street lamp for a mangled tenner.

Jean Clawed Beaver was slightly wrong about DW and MVMT being the doorway to collecting watches. Timex is that. Swatch is. Casio is. Em-Vee-Motherfuckin'T? Come on. It's either the wartche or the more belligerent part of the community that'll discourage a DW or MVMT wearer from the watch hobby as such. Either the wartche dies, or they'll go all fucking peacock at the wrong joint, and they'll get their share of walloping for being sorry-arse braggarts. In the words of Tennessee Ernie Ford, one fist of iron, the other of steel, if the right one don't a-get you, then the left one will.

As for Teddy, well, he's a Utuber, not Edward R. Murrow. Still, he wasn't a bad interviewer, all in all. Expected far, far worse. I certainly don't agree with him on the part about MVMT having, after all, disrupted the industry. No, they didn't. It's just another Stauer, only it's the Stauer of social media, not the telly or "order yours now" coupons from a newspaper or a gossip mag for bored housewives.
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Re: Teddy takes on MVMT - Full Documentary

Post by bbattle » September 2nd 2019, 6:46pm

Will MVMT be around in 2-5 years? Well, since Movado just sunk a ton of money into them, probably. Was Movado hoping they'd bagged the next Swatch (Swatch in the 80's was super freakin' huge for all you Millennials)? Surely they didn't buy MVMT to gain access to their design team. :-)
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