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Re: Trappist 1

Post by biglove » August 6th 2019, 4:16pm

Last I saw they had raised north of $5 million USD.

Cue Steve Miller’s “Take the Money and Run...”
My best friend from college shared his secret to his huge financial success, "I fell out of the right vagina."
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Re: Trappist 1

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » August 6th 2019, 4:27pm

I wished this thread would be about Belgian beer. Got to love a good Trappist beer.


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Re: Trappist 1

Post by bbattle » August 6th 2019, 5:03pm

The old "worm" font for NASA might not be protected anymore. On the other hand, it is a starterkick project, so they most likely just stole it.

I saw these watches and I agree, they are fugly.

I work at NASA but can't afford(well, can't think of a way to sneak it past the wife) and Omega Speedmaster, so I got the Undone watch instead.
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Re: Trappist 1

Post by TemerityB » August 7th 2019, 10:38am

I love how these starter watch companies always have a long list of online "publications" that nobody has ever actually read that have written about the watches. It's like touting that my Watchlords threads have been endorsed by Thurston Howell III - ain't nothin' real there.
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