Deep Blue Watch sale

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Deep Blue Watch sale

Post by koimaster » November 14th 2020, 12:59pm



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Re: Deep Blue Watch sale

Post by biglove » November 14th 2020, 1:30pm

Ah, Deep Blue...the brand that could be so much better than it is. Now, I wouldn't pay full-price for a single watch they make, or rather have made for them, but at grey market and sale prices they can be tempting.

Barring my shitty experience with Betosh and his utter lack of support with that one shittily lumed ceramic bezel, their watches are generally made like tanks.

There is no better bargain for a T-100 watch than the Trit-Diver that can be had on sale for $200. But even at 41mm the damned things sit 16mm thick. Why, Stan? Fucking why?

I know that your target audience buys watches by the pound and I guess they love boasting about how much their watches weigh and how deep they can "dive" with them, not that most of your followers ever even venture into a bathtub. But I ask, couldn't you make one decent sized watch for those folks who do bathe, who do like normal sized watches and who actually get off the fucking couch for more than an hour per day? You know, the average guy who doesn't want his shoulder dislocated by a wartch, who doesn't want to have to scoot sideways through a door to keep from banging his inch thick wartch into the wall and damaging the wood?
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Re: Deep Blue Watch sale

Post by MAX » November 14th 2020, 1:41pm

Never ever feed them after midnight, wait, I mean never ever pay list for them when 40% discount is available so often.

Deep Blue watches are very well made and I have always been treated well by Stan the few times Ive asked. Use good judgement on the models you are buying and you will be pleased.
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Re: Deep Blue Watch sale

Post by bedlam » November 15th 2020, 5:07pm

The thing I most appreciate about Deep Blue is its not Helson.
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