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Post by conjurer » February 6th 2020, 10:13pm

Gosh darn it, this flippin' wartche is making me very, very angry. How so? Let me state the ways:

--"Mr. Jones" is a remarkably light-hearted and carefree name for a wartche company

--The colourways I disdain

--What? I gotta count flippin' stars now to know when The Golden Girls starts on METV?

--The whole thing is flippin' fucking stupid.

Indeed, this fucking piece of flippin' dung fucking shit makes me want to barf my fucking guts the fuck out. I would rather hammer a motherflippin' motherfucking Cabriole table leg up my fucking ass than click that link again. Whatever cocksucker who buys this piece of fucking shit should have his fucking balls cut off with a length of fucking piano wire.

Gosh darn it.
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