eBay sellers to avoid

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eBay sellers to avoid

Post by koimaster » August 28th 2019, 4:39pm

The original topic is here https://www.thewatchsite.com/21-japanes ... avoid.html

Looking at a recent sub-discussion on the Incoming thread, there's some talk about dicey eBayers who routinely sell garbage. Advice was given to never buy a Pogue from the UK unless you know the seller...

We all know the types - often quite arty and processed looking photos that somehow manage to not convey the detail you need. Flowery descriptions that are the same for every post, with little to no detail of the watch at hand. Some vague disclaimer about "some parts may have been replaced" or "photos form part of the description".

Well, I try to keep a list of dodgy eBayers so that if I see anything from them in future I'll know to be extra wary or to avoid at all costs. Some seem to disappear and then spidey sense detects similar photography styles or description practices in other sellers who show up. I figured it's time to smoke a few out - please share your favourite eBay frankenmeisters... some of us on the eBay from the UK are genuine, you know ;-)

retroo1 - always nicely photographed, always slyly described. Previous history.

fara-uk - the usual lengthy and repetitive descriptions, including:
Please note: I'm not an expert however I have attempted to describe the item as best I can. However, Please note that most items I sell are previously owned and therefore, they will have some expected signs of previous use or wear. Due the watches age some parts might have been replaced. if you have any doubt please ask before bidding.
With 50 Seiko sales in the last 3 months, I'd have expected a little expertise but maybe that's just me.

vintage-n-unique - fairly recent joiner (Feb 19) with low feedback numbers, but already a fair few watches gone under the hammer. See them here.
Very poorly described. Maybe just a dealer who doesn't know any better so you never know, a real gem might well arrive amongst the guff.

watchesonsale23 - shifts a lot of stuff, and a lot of watches, not too many Seikos though. Looking at the various Omega Dynamics I think they are all replacement dial jobs. past history. One Pogue has a whole list of things wrong with it, priced highly and described poorly, with 3/4 of the description taken up with badly formatted T&Cs.

mehdaziz_0 - another repeat offender who appears to have found a stash of old Seiko & Citizen boxes, as every one of the frankens appears to come with a similarly non-original box. Favours the "due to age, some parts may have been replaced" disclaimer, and "excellent used condition" to describe everything, including the new aftermarket bits.

watches-4-you - floral backgrounds are a useful giveaway, but the dodginess of the stock (previous) and the comical descriptions are usually enough of a tell-tale too. eg, Pogue:
The Chronograph Working Flawlessly. (The Watch It has been Polished ( The Dial & Bezel Has Been Professionally Refinished.) serviced recently and is in fully working order )
pipakee - not the most prolific seller, but another "some parts may be replaced" and "I'm not an expert, but..." seller, so worth keeping an eye out for in future.


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Re: eBay sellers to avoid

Post by bbattle » October 1st 2019, 9:45am

The bicycle forums would also list the dealers to avoid on eBay and detail their methods. A lot of them were obvious and sometimes hilarious.

Another bike seller was famous for having bikini clad models posing with the bicycles.

The cycling world is like the watch world in that the spectrum of quality runs from one end to the other; with a lot of cheap Chinese crap and fakes. Since I had no interest in a bicycle frame breaking on me while I was descending a mountain at 50 mph, I've only looked at well known bicycle companies and reputable dealers.
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