User guide for forum slap fights

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User guide for forum slap fights

Post by koimaster » April 23rd 2020, 9:33am

WalMart Trolly Boy: Located at WalMart, there will be an option to fight him if you haven't beaten him yet. You will need approximately 5 points in Strength, Speed and Power; weapons and armor may help. Every level makes him harder to beat, so it is recommended that you stay at level one until you defeat him.

7-11 Trolly Boy: At the 7-11, you'll have to beat a second trolly boy. You must be at least level 7, with approximately 20 in each fighting stat. Once again, weapons and armor may help, but each additional level will make him harder to beat.

Old Man: At the 7-11, there will be an option to "Visit the Old Man." Now you must explore the city to find an arena pass. Once you have found an arena pass, go back to the 7/11 and click Visit the Old Man. You will then have a selection screen with NPCs listed in order from weakest to strongest. You get very good bonuses from fighting these people. Just make sure you are ready before you battle, as they are tough. You can get things from points to explore turns.

Other Players: Located on side menu and labeled Battle! or City > Hobo Meeting Area > Start a fight. On the battle page enter the HoboName/ID and click search. After their page comes up, you may enter their profile and click attack hobo or click battle.



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