Covid information will posted on forum

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Covid information will posted on forum

Post by koimaster » April 3rd 2020, 12:50pm

I wanted to let members know that I will try to keep as much information on the current Pandemic in our open forums. I would ask that any politics related to this pandemic be posted in the political forum.

I would like members and their families to stay safe, practice social distancing and wash your hands as recommended by your mothers and the CDC. In 2015 we lost three members here to death and I would rather that we all stay alive for a few years longer.

Yes, it is a pain in the ass to be going through this when we would rather be outside watching a ball game or socializing with friends and family. But if we do not follow rules to protect us, then perhaps you may not make the next family gathering because you or other family members will no longer be alive. Gloomy? It is not any fun for me either and I have clients I would rather see than look at the cats or my gardens. But, stay safe, be smart and to all of our first responders, our heath care workers, truck drivers and those still working to support the rest of us, Thank you. ... ntion.html

DC: Protect yourself and others ... tment.html

WHO: Advice for the public ... for-public

CDC: If you are at higher risk ... tions.html

WHO: How and when to use masks ... -use-masks


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Re: An Open letter to members

Post by bbattle » April 3rd 2020, 3:26pm

Please read the article on how to wear and remove masks and gloves. If not done correctly, one might as well not wear them at all.

Above all, wash your hands frequently.


I haven't seen if they've come to a conclusion about coronavirus and heat, but the flu does not like warm temperatures. I plan to spend plenty of time outside just to overcome boredom; I can't browse this forum all day. The fresh air and spring flowers are good for the soul.

I'm seeing articles online that say animal shelters are running out of animals for adoption. If nothing else good comes from this virus, that news alone will still make me happy.

Stay safe, stay healthy!
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