No Spin zone created

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No Spin zone created

Post by koimaster » May 3rd 2019, 10:10am

I created this sub forum viewforum.php?f=220 for youtube posts from "experts" such as gentry and archie and all youtube or bazinga! experts. The invicta forum has been made a stand alone and all of the tv watch stuff can go into the frugal watch forum.

Foghorn is right is his having stated we won in regards to Invicta and the rest of the tv shit sold by shills. We have exposed lie after lie by that company as well as other "forum" watch companies. While they may still have their following our mantra was always "if you know what it is and you still like it". At places like wit you can see the invicta type lovers but also many who have moved onto different brands. The original talking shills have moved on to do whatever it is they do without evinelive to support them and their adoring fans are gone for the most part as well.

The forum wars are hopefully gone despite the juvenile efforts of a fake aviator at one site to create one. Watchlords was started over 9 years ago to expose the shit that was being thrown out there by the golden one and his bullshit granny stories. The minks and wings have come and gone for the most part, replaced in part by kickstarter and micro brands. Perhaps it is time to still have fun poking these guys in the eye once in awhile but move ahead without them as our primary target. As one member mentioned in a thread, yes, a member here was targeted by an entire sales forum passing themselves off as a watch forum. That person is me but others were targeted too and we should all remember that. From changing a sig file to calling them at home to dissuade them from joining another forum, people were the targets of an aggressive campaign to make them afraid to speak out.

On another forum a zombie watch company has their own sponsored forum. If you disagree with them or say something that may show they are not being truthful, well you got banned, or your information including email address was accessed by the person who fronts that company or his Nazi style mods. This is the world we live in and the reason d'être for this forum in the past, now and in the future. With that said, this is still a watch forum and a good one as far as I am concerned. Members here should be proud of themselves and if you find something that is a lie or misleading, then this is the place to expose it.



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Re: No Spin zone created

Post by Hawk » May 3rd 2019, 11:51am

Nicely done.

As to IWG I'm down to cheerleading efforts to jam some credibility into depth ratings. Given the out of court settlement this might linger for a spell.

I'd suppose that this forum was a factor in getting the SwissFH off their comfy sofa and perhaps the Florida AG's agreement which I tend to believe was behind IWG signing up And, of course, Temerity's efforts with Hamilton and Stuhrling. All in all, the blasted lands are more agreeable by a lot when compared with a half dozen years ago. I suppose some credit for the FH's wake up call might be due Lior for his attempt to void the trademarks.

Fake histories, purple prose and dubious claims are amply represented by some portion of the kickstarter and micro brands but don't present a profile sufficient to rile me up.

Lalo owns Glycine but the same folks behind the VW "clean diesel" own Bugatti and Bugatti seems not to have suffered thereby.

Not a bad list of references for a nine year old forum's CV. IWG is using the Swiss trademarks correctly, the Stuhrling Ricochet is buried and nobody on the planet believes Flame Fusion (c) consists of sapphire and glass fused under heat and pressure. And a lot of other victories major and minor.
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